About Us


Get to know us! 

Oak And Sherry, is a brand of British origin sprouted to give comfort to every inch of the skin! We bring you T-shirts for lazy evenings, brisk mornings, sneaky night outs and just everything cosy. Our brand symbolises the strength, durability and goodness of the sherry oak tree and also stands the test of time. 

Straight outta O&S yard!

A team of distinguished creative artists from across the world design graphic T-shirts with ceaseless imagination. Every collection has a story to tell and is inspired by contemporary art, events and remarkable days. 


O&S stands apart...

As our designers pour their vision onto every single product, it gets a form at factories that do not employ children! Going an extra mile, the high-quality cotton T-shirts are bio-washed to preserve the silky touch and not putting your skin health at stake. 

Hear what our designers say! 

They told us that creative juices never stop flowing when they feel comfortable and we are presenting you the same. 
…And that's how we make Ready-To-Adore T-shirts.


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