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Here’s Why You Should Bag Up T-shirts Right Now:

Well, we can’t deny that T-shirts are the 2020’s Survival kits! They've been a saviuor for everyone and we should say that loud. You can be skinny, stout, have taken a bath, or just woken up but they never reveal your state. You look the same all day round and it makes you super comfy. 

Here's why you should bag up T-shirts right now

But, here are the other reasons why you should bag T-shirts right away

  • Your Quarantine buddy
  • Your versatile stylist
  • A Storyteller at large!

Could we be any more precise? Read along!

Your Quarantine buddy:

Now, taking you back to the beginning of 2020, when every fortunate person curled up inside our homes, we reached out for our Tees! After several months, with new lockdown editions coming in, we can always rely on this piece of clothing. Even in 2021, the New-Normal fashion statement would be nothing but wearing joggers and Tees!

From influencers to stars, they adapted to this new normal trend, that likely to not go out of style any sooner. 

(I hope this trend stays as long as the human race exists, what say?) 

Just throwing it back to the picture of Katie Holmes and Emilio Vitalo Jr, walking together hand in hand wearing a basic white Tee and a pair of sneakers & joggers are so comforting to eyes!

A street style, semi-casual office look (the most comfortable one) approved by Katie Holmes

Your Versatile Stylist:

Girls, here’s a pro tip for you. They say that you can steal your father’s, brother’s or boyfriend's tees whenever you want. But why bother stealing when you can buy them?


T-shirts aren’t sexists-- by this, we mean that you needn’t buy only those florals, pastels, and glittery clothes anymore.

Pick your style and make your way vibing through it! 

Because, why should boys wear all comfortable and baggy clothes?

A Storyteller at large:

While this world buzzes over expensive dresses that tell a story, you can hear them from everyday clothing. And we get that to you under your budget! Every Oak And Sherry tee is inspired by everyday events and days you celebrate. Pay close attention to them and you can hear them narrate a story.



No, it’s not the usual “Live, Laugh, Love” tees (haha)

T-shirts that range from Cybersports, paying tribute to the online videogames and X-mas collection that motivates you to live and eat as you should, every T-shirt has a story to tell! So, why do you stick to normal tees when you can wear epic ones?


Tell us your fav ones from our collection and we would “Bag” that up for you! 

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Kaviyakavi Baskaran, Feb 5 2021.


Abinaya Vadamalai
Abinaya Vadamalai